Get Involved

Learn about the many ways you can help underserved teens and abandoned dogs below or head to our donation center!



K9 Youth Alliance is fortunate to have the support of our dedicated and talented unpaid staff members – they drive our day-to-day operations and add untold value to our organization.

If you are at least 21 years old and seeking an active role in helping disadvantaged kids and homeless dogs we would love to speak with you.  As a member of the K9YA team, there are many ways to help. 

To hear more about our volunteer opportunities please email us at or call 424.272.5992.


If you are interested in fostering a dog who is in the K9YA program we will be happy to connect you with the shelter or rescue to get the ball rolling.  If you are interested in learning more, please email us at or call 424.272.5992.

Board Leadership

We are looking for motivated individuals who are driven to help underserved teens and homeless dogs. Though not necessary, if you have experience in nonprofit finance and accounting, management, development and fundraising, marketing and nonprofit law, you better call or email us: or call 424.272.5992.

Get Connected and Spread the Word

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