k9 connection

Katherine Participating With k9 connection Students   Pat Sinclairin the Field

Katherine Beattie & Pat Sinclair

Co-Founders, k9 connection

K9YA Mentors

Pat Sinclair and Katherine Beattie founded k9 connection 10 years ago as a project of the Ocean Park Community Center. k9 connection serves teens in continuation high schools that are most in need of programming. They are assisted by homeless dogs from the West LA Animal Shelter and the No Kill LA (NKLA) rescue shelter. k9 connection programs center on teaching youth to train rescue dogs to increase their chance of adoption. Programs emphasize positive dog training techniques to serve as a basis for helping students further their chances in society.

k9 connection is a pilot program dedicated both to research in the field of animal-assisted teen guidance, and to sharing their methods and findings with others who are interested in starting similar programs. They have made a start-up manual available and offer no-cost consultations to interested enthusiasts. For more information please visit k9connection.org.